Turn Interior Design Into an Exclusive Party

Turn Interior Design Into an Exclusive Party

Futuristic and alluring feelings are intoxicating. These wonderful sensations encourage us to dream big, celebrate loud, and dive deep into virtual reality. As soon as feasible. So, it’s no wonder this invigorating concept has sparked major inspiration in the interior design world.

Especially this year. Interior designers are bringing imaginative environments, such as virtual reality escape rooms, into the world. In this article, we dive deep into the decor idea. Along the way, we’ll reveal how to make an environment feel like an exclusive party and other exciting decor ideas.

Glamorous Life in a Dream Home

A deliciously cheerful blueprint you can use when conceptualising your next textile design job, is make it shiny. As in, reflective fabrics and objects. These happy pieces will effortlessly enhance the interior design in a very noticeable way.

Ideally, you want to use complementary metallics. Silver, gold, and light bronze should be considered. However, be weary with silver. There’s a high risk of over using it.

If you find yourself in this predicament, take a step back and explore other avenues. Remember, there are loads of exquisite design options that utilise metal.

Multicolour Mermaid Palette

Fashion fabrics with tritone shades are mesmerising. No matter which angle you look at them from, a bountiful bouquet of hues will happily meet your eyes. Interior designers can use this unique trait to their advantage. Namely, to make every colour pop out.

If you’re a bit partial to chameleon velvet, now is the time to let that design dream drive your creative hand! This upholstery material offers shiny, reflective features and a texture that is very inviting. But only if your name is on the list.

Get the Right Upholstery Material

Before heading to the nearest fabric store to start your new decor project, let’s review the key concepts of this 2019 interior design trend. The design should create an environment befitting of a birthday party or some other celebratory event. Which calls for happier colours, shiny alluring decor, and pieces that get your imagination running wild. Needless to say, finding the right balance between the three may take some time. However, it is definitely worth it.

Perfectly Balanced Colour Palette

Fantasy interior design can take you to all sorts of interesting ideas. From light bronze fixtures meshed with gold tints to multicolour fabric paired with virtual reality themed features, this trend basically has it all. Due to this, there isn’t really one specific colour palette that will fit every design concept you come up with.

Nevertheless, here are a few trendy colours we recommend tinkering with.

These magical colours are versatile enough to work as upholstery material or even as curtain and drapery fabric. So, be sure to keep them in your back pocket in your next textile design job.

That said, have fun with this trend! Express your inner creative by indulging in lavish upholstery materials, shiny fabrics, and a slight excess of silver, when appropriate. Remember, you’re aiming to create an interior design that generates celebratory and happy moods. Similar to the ones felt inside a virtual reality machine or at an exclusive party.

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