Take on the Craft Challenge and Maximize Your Creative Skills

Take on the Craft Challenge and Maximize Your Creative Skills

If you’re browsing the web looking for 2019 interior design trends, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to discuss one of the more novel concept that is surfacing this year. Maximising your creative skills by taking on the interior design challenge, craft edition.

The Basics of Picking Crafting Materials

Crafting makes it possible to give otherwise discarded items a new purpose. This process of using recycled or reused items heroically avoids excess waste too. Which is really great for the environment. Hence why this eco-friendly activity has become so popular in interior design.

Here’s the main concept. Any item you feel inspired to use, do so. Seriously. The sky’s the limit when it comes to using crafting materials. Just remember, safety first. Especially if you’re inspired to work with broken china in your repurposing project.

Define Repurpose

Repurposing, or the act of taking an item and using it for something it wasn’t necessarily intended for, works well in interior design. That said, it does require a bit of thinking outside of the box. So to speak. Nevertheless, you do not have to go to an interior design school to start bringing repurposing ideas to life.

Unique Interior Decor

The act of repurposing furniture can be as simple as breaking down the piece into parts and using them to create something new. And each project you take on will be just as unique as the last. See, repurposed items typically vary based on the time, place, and crafter. Which is a major bonus.

Unique items will instantly and effortlessly make each interior design project you complete, personalised. To get started, look for items you no longer use. Combine these pieces with others that inspire you. See what decor ideas bubble up and go for the ones you feel strongest about.

That said, if you’re a feeling a bit unsure, you may find yourself considering enrolling into interior design classes. This may be ideal depending on your situation. However, by and large, practice makes perfect. And crafters that start off small and work their way up will eventually find themselves completing harder projects, such as reupholstering a couch.

Design With Polished Petrified Wood


From oxygen to interior decor, trees provide a great deal of resources for us. Even fallen branches can be utilised.

For example, instead of using a dated curtain rod, install a sturdy walking stick instead.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Wooden items, such as barn doors or old wooden planks, can be beautifully repurposed into one of a kind coffee or end tables.

Use Broken Items to Highlight Floor and Decor

Things break down. Happens all the time. This interior design challenge encourages you to find a way to repurpose those broken pieces. Then share the creative masterpieces you come up with. A fun place to start in the reuse endeavour is by creating mosaic artwork. In case you are not familiar, the process involves using a bunch of little pieces to create a larger image.

That said, if you bring an idea to life and have trouble placing it, try sharing it with others. Odds are the piece will work perfectly in a different environment.

Another item to consider using is upholstery material. See, whether it’s curtain and drapes or reupholstering a cushion, vibrant fabrics are a must. But before you start googling ‘fabric shops near me’, take the time to evaluate your project.

Think about your goals, what you want to express, and how you want the room to feel. You may discover a plethora of viable crafting materials hidden right under your nose. Such as the discarded fabric tossed when reupholstering a couch.

Regardless of where this trend takes you, be sure to put your delightful crafting skills to use as you take on the interior design challenge, craft edition!

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