Making the Most of Small Apartments

Making the Most of Small Apartments

Big city flats and studio apartments have one thing in common: they are tiny compared to houses. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of living in. Matter of fact, small spaces offer occupants a lot of benefits. Great location and lower energy bills are a fairly common trade for ample floor space.

That said, it is easy to forget how much those extra perks matter when you are feeling cramped or trapped. And unfortunately, this does happen. Especially if your interior design isn’t suited for small space living. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid such nasty feelings. You can design interiors with small space living in mind.

big sofa small space

Use All Available Vertical Space

There are loads of studio apartments out there with vault ceilings. If you are lucky enough to have one, equip the vertical area with delightful interior decorations. Mirrors are a nice option. They tend to make a room feel way bigger than it actually is. For those of us with studio apartments that don’t have vault ceilings, fret not! We have lots of options at our disposal.

Check out the top of your cabinets and above your doors or clothing racks. Odds are there is extra space up there just begging to be used. Consider filling them in with storage containers where possible or tuck items away up there out of view. Just remember where you put them later!

If all of the areas we mentioned are tapped out, the next small room idea to explore is wall hooks. These functional helpers can be used to move items off surfaces, or out of compartments, so you can make room where needed.

A few tiny home ideas you should explore revolving around wall hooks can be found below.

  • Store router up high to keep entertainment centre decluttered

  • Use the non-visible side of cabinet doors to store pot lids, aluminium foil, or plastic wrap

  • Place a toothbrush holder

  • Combine with curtain rod to make a nifty shoe rack

Another great small room idea involves putting your desk on the wall. More specifically, equipping a room with loads of shelves in a clean, refreshing manner. If done correctly, this interior design generates a good portion of the shelf space you need to work from home. Including, but not limited to, a wide shelf at the bottom for your computer.

Keep Interiors Clutter-Free

One of the big interior design no-nos in small space living is clutter. An excessive amount of items can make a room feel cramped, bloated, or otherwise downright uncomfortable to be in. Avoid this feeling. Go clutter-free.

That said, if you are running low on space, consider concealing what you can. Interior designs featuring textile patterns that mesh well with the area can easily hide stuffed bookcases or cluttered cabinet shelves. Or they can be used to isolate an area altogether. Fabric hung tastefully from a curtain rod can be used as a room divider to create some space between you and the forlorn clutter.

But bear in mind, this is nothing more than a band-aid. Said hidden clutter will need to be addressed at some point in the future so you can get the most out of your small space.

Storage Compartments Are a Must

Mandatory, must-have items deserve their own space in your home. So, if you’ve thrown everything out that does not fall into the “need” category and still have stuff cluttering up the place, it’s time to take on the next tiny home idea. Explore storage ideas for small spaces.

Let’s start in the bedroom. Unless your bed lays flat on the ground, there is space under it. Equip the area with drawers or cabinets where possible. Be sure to avoid just cramming stuff below your mattress. Doing so can encourage unwanted guests to take up residency. Plus, disorganized masses of objects are a real pain to wade through when you’re trying to find one specific item.

storage bed

If you lack extra space under your bed but still need a storage solution in the bedroom, consider getting a stylish vintage trunk. This storage solution is great for tucking away throw blankets and extra pillows. Plus, the fancy interior decoration can be placed at the end of the bed without taking up too much room.

In general, small space living requires occupants to think outside the box. Or at least beyond the traditional ideas of what storage should look like. For example, most people are familiar with ottomans. They are great for propping your feet on and they double as a nifty storage compartment.

However, most people do not talk about their end tables. Namely, what lies beneath them lurking underneath the adorned tablecloth. That’s right. End or coffee tables can house items beneath them in secret if they are equipped with a tablecloth.

Get Multipurpose Furniture

That said, most of the storage ideas for small spaces listed above are quick remedies. Those game to design interiors for long-term small space living should look into multipurpose furniture. Although this can be a bit expensive at first, once you know what to look for, and where to shop at, finding ideal small space furniture is easy.

For example, instead of covering up your coffee table with a tablecloth, replace it with one that has drawers. The same thing goes for the end tables or any other small space furniture that does not provide more than one function.

Another tiny home idea worth exploring is double-duty rooms. When and where possible, transform a room via dividers, such as thick curtains. Doing so can hide different portions of the home you do not readily use throughout the day which can be great for your mentality.

sofa curtain bed

Small space living takes some getting used to. However, those willing to put in the effort can enjoy the perks of their studio or small apartment. If this is you, remember to aim for small space furniture with more than one purpose. Keep things clutter-free and maintain as much empty surface space as possible while maximizing the amount of vertical area you use.

So, which interior decoration idea did you like the most? Be sure to tell everyone by sharing this post. You never know who may find this article beneficial!

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