Make Your Own Gifts With Fabric: 10 Ideas and Resources

Make Your Own Gifts With Fabric: 10 Ideas and Resources

There is something magical about working with fabric. Whenever it’s placed in a crafters hands, somehow a new set of trendy craft projects are born. It’s almost as though DIY fabric opens the door to a crafter’s imagination just so they can usher in fabulous craft ideas.

Even if it’s just a new twist on an old concept.

To celebrate this inspirational feat, crafters often distribute their creations as gifts. That said, there is only one thing standing in your way from getting to this point. Picking out a fabric-centred craft idea!

So what are you waiting for? Explore the craft projects down below to find your next gift inspiration. And don’t worry. We’ll have the DIY fabric ready for you to transform.

The Best Way to Utilize Fabric Scraps: Rag Rugs

If you’re like most crafters, more than likely you have a bag of fabric scraps hanging around. Rather than toss these useful bits of DIY fabric out, consider making a Rag Rug. This DIY craft ensures your gift craft project is unique, original, and super cute.

To get started, grab a non-skid rug mat. The kind with a lot of small square holes in it, akin to mesh. Next, use a crocheting needle to push each scrap through one hole and out another. Pull the fabric up until both sides are about even. That’s it. Repeat as often as you see fit. Remember, the more you use the thicker the rug.

Rice Bag Warmers

If you are looking for crafts to make and sell, or just a useful fabric craft idea, check out the Rice Bag Warmer DIY craft. The concept involves using the heat holding properties of rice to your advantage. Which is great if you need renewable hand or feet warmers.

To accomplish this craft project, grab your favourite fabric pattern. Fold and sew it together akin to a bag. Then, insert a few cups of rice into it and seal it up. Now, whenever you or your giftee needs a bit of warming up, they can simply heat up your useful craft in the microwave and acquire said warmth.

That said, since this is going to be microwaved, you may want to avoid using textile paint to embellish the rice bag warmer. We’ve heard conflicting reports about the combination. For example, some say it’s ok and the paint will hold up. Others say microwaving textile paint will break the machine. So, be careful out there.

E-Reader or iPad Cover

For the tech-savvy giftee, we’ve found quite a few great fabric craft ideas. That said, this one is our favourite. It involves housing an e-reader, or iPad, in a nice cover. Which is a great way to keep dirt and other potentially damaging debris off the screen.

As a bonus, there are two ways to go about making this fabric craft idea. Version one involves a bit of wool sewing, includes a zipper, and the end result is quite sophisticated. If sewing is not your strong suit, or you want to take on a DIY craft project that isn’t wool, check out version two.

DIY Ipad Cover.png

Cushions or Pillows

There are plenty of DIY crafts for adults out there. However, not all of them are fun, unique, or easy. Fortunately, we’ve found a few that definitely match all three requirements! First up is the Sweater Pillow. Prepare yourself, this one may have you running to the fabric store.

The idea here is to use old sweaters as a way to make pillows. Which means you can recycle old clothes you no longer want. Or make mementoes out of clothes from those no longer with us. Matter of fact, on the lengthy list of crafts to make and sell, I’ve seen this used as a business model.

Fabric Tote Bag

Another project on the crafts to make and sell list is tote bags. Specifically, the kind made from fabric. Tote bags are universally used, provide a lot of functionality, and can be exceptionally fashionable. Or even quaint if that’s more your giftee’s style. To accomplish this, consider using quilting fabric instead.

Adding Flair To A Rug

Accentuating a well-loved rug is a great way to breathe life back into the fabric. A novel way to do so is by painting stripes on it from end to end. Doing so will help bring out the rug’s natural fibres. Be sure to have your textile paint ready to go before attempting this DIY craft for adults.

Use Fashionable Material as Quilting Fabric

If you are new to quilting or just looking for fresh ideas, check out the carpenter star variation. This one involves using quilting fabric in shades of blue, black, white, and turquoise to create three shapes. Specifically, chevrons, squares, and triangles. From there, combine them to create a carpenter star.

The result is quite spectacular and makes a great gift.

Outdoor Pouf

When you go into someone’s backyard, they’ll likely have outdoor furniture. However, by and large something will be missing. The Pouf! Outdoor Poufs are awesome. They provide a way for guests to prop their feet up and take a load off. If you’re still a bit fuzzy as to what a Pouf is, think of it as a round ottoman.

Crafters ready to take on this DIY fabric idea will need to acquire outdoor fabric. Otherwise, the Outdoor Pouf will go poof in a short amount of time.

Tell a Story With DIY Embroidered Wall Hangings

Embroidery requires fine point needling. But don’t let that stop you from trying this DIY craft for adults! By stitching in glorious scenes, logos, or symbols, any fabric craft idea you do can be given a once in a lifetime brand. Craft projects we’ve seen this work well on include picnic blankets, sneakers, duvet covers, and cushions.

Another place is on the wall. Namely, embroidered wall hangings. These works of art can feature any scene you put your mind to. One of the perks of taking on this project is the simplicity. With just a few stitches here and there, crafters can let their artistic side shine!

Better Than a Beanbag

Ever heard of a floor pillow bed? If not, you’re in luck! This nifty craft features long, thick strips of DIY fabric and three pillows. These fluffy pieces will be used in place of beans. We recommend measuring the fabric based on the pillow's width.

Specifically, lay each pillow down as though the fabric is to be used as a pillowcase. As in, space between each one. Once the fabric is cut to length, the next step is to fold it in half. Akin to how you would with a pillowcase.

From there, sew the top and bottom lengths together. Next, measure out three equal lengths. This is where you’ll want to place the pillows later. Sew up the three sections in the middle. Remember, to leave the long end open. Once the sections are established, place each pillow inside and sew it up!

Whether you are looking for crafts to make and sell, or simply want to open the door to your imagination, the 10 DIY craft ideas we’ve listed are perfect for you to use. Remember to avoid textile paint with the rice bag warmer as the chemical is better suited for extending the life of your rug.

We know you’re ready to head over to your preferred online fabric store and grab some fashionable outdoor fabric for pouf making. But before you do, be sure to let people know which of the 10 fabric craft projects were your favourite!

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