Make Designing Exteriors Fun with Outdoor Fabrics

Make Designing Exteriors Fun with Outdoor Fabrics

Being an interior designer is awesome. Every work day you get to wade through loads of fabric eye candy. Another major perk is you know for sure the gorgeous patterns and vibrant colours you pick out will last a decent amount of time. But the same cannot be said if you use those same fabulous fabrics outdoors.

As you probably know, most materials are unable to withstand the harsh elements. Which is why we tend to shy away from creating outdoor designs.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Creating and implementing outdoor designs can be easy. And fun!

How Fashionable Outdoor Fabric Works

Before we explore beautiful garden patio ideas, let’s review how outdoor fabric works. For starters, regular textiles and outdoor fabrics usually have the same origin story. Manufactured by a machine in a warehouse somewhere.

However, unlike regular fabrics, material made for outdoor use is specifically designed to remain outside. To ensure this standard holds up, outdoor fabrics undergo strenuous testing before distribution. Key tests include the following:

  • Textile Test - determines thread weave’s ability to withstand outside invaders

  • Light-fast Test - to ensure the pigment used in the outdoor upholstery fabric has resistance to fading due to sunlight

  • UV Test - simulates outdoor moisture as well as UV light exposure to establish outdoor cushion fabric’s intended wear and tear

  • Washing Test - introduces staining elements, such as grass and mustard stains, then launders them to estimate material’s wherewithal

Once an outdoor fabric passes all of the tests above it is deemed worthy of being used to adorn outdoor furniture. Or any other project an interior designer has their heart set on.

Where To Get The Outdoor Fabric You Need

Now that we’ve established what high-quality outdoor upholstery fabric is, let’s move on to something a bit more fun. Namely, finding lively fabrics for your outdoor designs and summery materials for those clearly visible window curtains.

Remember, you can see the fabric you use for curtains on the outside too. Might as well use that to your advantage when creating your outdoor design!

Summer Colour Trends You’ll Love

Speaking of brilliant patio ideas, there are loads of fabulous colour trends going on this year for summer! Although there are a lot of great garden patio ideas to choose from, we picked out our top four favourite colour palettes.

Relax By the Dock

016_001_all out_inside_12.jpg

Relaxing on the beach somewhere is a summer staple. Which is why you’d be missing a golden opportunity if you do not explore the ‘by the dock’ trend. As in, instead of incorporating anchors or sea animals into your outdoor patio idea, focus on the colours.

Mix and match these colours to create a super chill outdoor area you’ll love. Don’t be afraid to tinker with the colour ratios until you find the right balance to suit your needs.

Sticky Sweet Fun

orange outdoor fabrics

Nothing brings on nostalgia more than a big ol’ jawbreaker. These colourful lumps of sugar spark a trip down memory lane for most. If you’re not among them, fret not. The colour palette used when creating these sugary treats still has the power to generate happy feelings. Like the kind summer brings on when you are comfortably enjoying the warm weather.

Incorporate this colourful palette into your next garden patio idea to establish a fun, exciting environment. But without the sticky mess.

Mindful Play

Speaking of playful, the right combination of colours can work in unison to generate an upbeat feel. You know, the same kind of feeling you get playing outdoors all summer. Or when you partake in entertaining games, such as the kind shared with family and friends. Preferably while sitting on furniture upholstered with indoor outdoor fabric.

When seeking indoor outdoor fabric, remember to keep the window curtains in mind. Pairing your waterproof outdoor fabric with the already established indoor curtains is a fantastic way to enhance your exterior decor.

Wondrous Dream

Dreamworld can be an awesome place from time to time. Incorporate those warm fuzzy feelings into your exterior plans by using the right colours. Try combining the three listed below. They can really soothe and tone a setting into something that is borderline fantasy. Kind of like softly landing on a cloud and not falling through.

Feature the colours above as outdoor upholstery fabric, such as waterproof outdoor fabric, in your exterior design plans to create a delicate, yet comforting area.

Using Outdoor Fabric Beyond Summer

beautiful summer terrace

All of the colour trends we mentioned above are capable of helping you create a beautiful summer space. However, they can also be used beyond a one-shot temporary setting. If done well, these colour trends can be used in indoor outdoor fabric.

By doing so, you can generate seasonal options without much effort. For example, since outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture fabric has come a long way in the last decade, the decor can be brought indoors without sacrificing much.

On the other hand, if there is no space for that type of feat, make the outdoor space multipurpose. Develop the area to aptly complement your office needs. And yes, we’re talking about you too remote workers!

If done well, a nice garden patio design is great for reducing stress and rejuvenation.

How to Get Outdoor Cushion Fabric

Putting your outdoor cushion fabric designing skills to the test is a sign of a great designer. Namely, it shows you are capable of challenging yourself and expanding your horizons. Not to mention embracing the power of summer.

To get started on your outdoor furniture fabric project, checkout More Fabrics. All customers get free shipping. On any order. Plus, our curtains are made to measure so you can get the right amount you need without any unwanted surprises. However, we do have the good type of surprises. Such as discounts on solo fabrics of 5m.

So what are you waiting for? The colour trends of this summer are ready to go! Regardless of whether your favourite is By the Dock, Sticky Sweet, Mindful Play, or Wonder Dream, an awesome outdoor environment is simply begging you to be made!

green outdoor fabrics for curtains
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