Gentle Interior Decor with a Vibrant Feel

Gentle Interior Decor with a Vibrant Feel

Always having your guard up is tiring. At some point you have to just relax. Even if that means being vulnerable for a while. A certain sense of freedom accompanies this lovely mindset. In some cases, the experience can even be rejuvenating.

Acquiring this zen like state of mind is an ongoing journey. However, for some, it’s almost impossible to achieve, due to one major issue. It’s really hard to accept the fact it’s ok to be loved for who you are. Fortunately, visually replicating this sensation is achievable.

The best part? Being in an environment decked out with the right gentle decor can subtly generate those feelings automatically. Bear in mind, by gentle we do not be dull or boring. Find out more below.

Home Interior Design

Picture this. You enter a well lit room with sunshine pouring in. Neutral walls and fixtures great your eyes. As you gaze upon them, they guide you to the various soft pastel fabrics glittering the room. You notice two soft emerald green chairs. The upholstery material adorning the pair make them look almost marble. Next to the chairs is a neutral shaded couch with a pillow, soft pink, sticking out slightly above.

And looks absolutely vibrant. Even tender.

Which is exactly what this 2019 interior design trend is all about.

Aim for a Relaxed Interior Design

Accomplishing this trend in your next textile design project, there are a few key concepts to keep in mind. First, the goal is to create an interior design with a laid back feel. This means avoiding disorganisation, loud shapes, or attention grabbing patterns. Second, the decor needs to provide a welcoming, almost loving feeling. To do so, pick out fabric patterns in soft pastel shades.

Pink Upholstery Material Used Right

Pink is loud. Regardless of whether its used as sheer curtains or pillows, that bright shade is going to call attention to itself. Use it to your advantage. If you find a particular shade of pink you really want to use, set up the rest of the decor around it. Bring in other soft pastels. Add subtle matching texture too. Doing so ensures the pink fabric meshes without much effort.

Colours to Look For at Furniture Upholstery and Fabric Shops

In this theme, the name of the game is helping your soft pastel colours pop. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with the right set of neutral background colours.

Overall, the concept works well implemented in any living room, office, restaurants, or kitchen design. Here are a few of our favourite neutral shades for backdrops, such as wallpaper.

  • Vanilla Ice

  • Bright White

  • Silver Grey

Mix and match these colours with the other soft pastels until you find what works best in your design project. You may even discover that shades, such as shell or zephyr, are more suitable as background embellishments coupled with vanilla ice as your design centrepiece.

Gentle decor can create a vibrant feel, one that generates a sense of security. Remember, this 2019 interior design trend wants to encapsulate the feeling of being loved for who you are. Which can be done by utilising soft pastel fabrics and gentle decor in your next interior design project.

Be sure to explore using fabric to create pink sheer curtains. Or even embellish furniture with upholstery material the shade of shell. Don’t be afraid to explore what unapologetically works.

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