Decorate Your Interior with Geometric Patterns

Decorate Your Interior with Geometric Patterns

Bold and beautiful geometric patterns. They’re pleasing to the eye, and absolutely captivating in  perfectly balanced environments. Which is why repetitive geometric patterns are one of the most exciting 2019 interior design trends. See, using geometric patterns properly requires a keen eye. All loud patterns, even geometric centrepieces, need to be in a room prepared for it.

If this is done correctly, the geometric wall decor, coffee table, or beautifully bright centrepiece, will make colours pop all around it. Find out how to go from picking out geometric pattern to creating a perfectly balanced interior design below.

Geometric Centrepiece Ideas

Oblong and other unusual centrepieces are bound to catch your eye. This is not unheard of. Anytime we forego traditional shapes, they’re bound to stand out. As an interior designer, your goal is to make sure this attention is for all the right reasons. To accomplish this, imagine how you want guests to feel when viewing your decor. Aim for a design that generates positivity. Ideal emotions include excitement, awe, and astonishment.

Keep this objective in mind, as it will likely help you develop a perfectly balanced area.

Design With Gorgeous Colour Palettes

Picking out the right geometric pattern to use in your interior design project may be a bit tough the first time around. See, repetitive geometric patterns are typically bold and beautiful on their own. However, this positive feeling can change once it’s actually in a room.

So be prepared for a let down if you start pairing the design with other decor you have picked out. Things may very well fall apart. For example, say your geometric centrepiece has periwinkle or that very vivid purple red colour, fuchsia in it. No doubt the pattern is going to be a beautifully bright centrepiece. As long as it suits the environment it’s in.

That said, there are two ways to avoid excess complications with your geometric idea. Either start with the repetitive pattern first. Use this as a baseline when choosing your colour palette and hope for the best. Or, when looking for upholstery, curtain and drapery fabrics with bold geometric patterns, utilise this year’s hottest colours. Jazzy, seaport, and sulphur.

Make Colour Pop in Your Interior Design

Bold and beautiful geometric patterns need to be aptly complimented with quite decor. Doing so generates a sense of balance and assures the repetitive geometric pattern fits and is not visually overwhelming.

Bear in mind, this does take a bit of tact which can take time to develop. That said, when you find a piece of fabric that speaks to you, do not shy away from using it.


You may very well be on to something.

Looks like 2019 is leading us to bold and beautiful possibilities. To capitalise on these phenomenal decor ideas, embrace repetitive geometric patterns. Freely use them as your wall decor or in your upholstery, curtain and drapery fabrics as you see fit.

Just remember to do your beautifully bright centrepieces justice. Encapsulate your geometric centrepiece with a palette that makes all your colours pop.

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