7 Pinterest Boards You Need to Be Following If You Love Sewing

7 Pinterest Boards You Need to Be Following If You Love Sewing

As a crafter, when you think about fabrics and fabric designs, odds are you picture sewing. Specifically, all the awesome projects, ideas, and methods are out there these days. Matter of fact, there are so many that it’s difficult to track them all down. Especially when new ideas are popping up every day!

So, to help you overcome this annoying obstacle, we created this nifty guide. Below, you’ll find a healthy set of Pinterest boards dedicated to bringing you the latest trends in sewing.


The Cutting Floor

From home decor to fashionable accessories, The Cutting Floor has a little something for the interior designer in you. They like to share fun how-to pillow tutorials, such as the Basic Pillow Sham pin, as well as a few delightful decor ideas.

That said, if you’re looking for something a bit more fashionable or functional, The Cutting Floor has you covered there as well.


2 Purple Couches

Favouring the simplistic and casual, 2 Purple Couches lives up to its name. The account heavily focuses on easy-to-do sewing ideas and useful tips. 2 Purple Couches also has an eye for interesting interior design ideas, such as the Chair Slipover.

They even have a few novel child friendly decor options too.

dining room idea.jpg

Sew Modern Bags

Everyone loves Do It Yourself projects. There’s just something liberating about creating something phenomenal from a few items. Sew Modern Bags takes the DIY vibe to a whole new level, by pinning helpful kitchen and dining room sewing ideas.

As an added bonus, they do not shy away from sharing pet friendly ideas and cute quilt patterns.


Jann Newton

Crafters ready for intermediate level tips need to check out Jann Newton. The account explores lots of interior design projects that are dedicated to help you grow beyond the beginner threshold. So if you’re ready for the challenge, check out the home decor sewing projects and seasonal decor patterns Jann Newton likes to pin.


Semigloss Design

For beautiful and colourful interior design ideas, look no further than Semigloss Design. They go the creative distance by pinning useful tips and tricks. Bear in mind, some of the ideas they pin are so unique you may not have even thought of it yet.

Plus, they include outdoor decor ideas here and there.

fabric scraps.jpg


Ready to make sewing borderline effortless? Give Homemaker a follow! They share unusual yet helpful ideas, such as the Scissor Holder and Pincushion, and tips on how to use all of your fabrics, even scraps.

As if that wasn’t enough to give them a follow, Homemaker also collects fun, playful home interior design project ideas too.

Sew HQ

Without a doubt, the go-to source for quilting is Sew HQ. They offer followers cute wall quilt fabric patterns, gorgeous patchwork ideas, and even hero themed quilt projects. In addition to their fabulous quilting pins, Sew HQ also shares tasteful crafting humour image as well.


Follow any of the Pinterest accounts listed above to find inspiration for your next sewing project.

You can also follow More Fabrics’ Pinterest board for more sewing inspiration. We’ll have the fabric you need prepped and ready to go.

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