6 Questions to Sophie, a Colourful Creative Artist

6 Questions to Sophie, a Colourful Creative Artist

Dear Sophie, we are happy to have you here! Please introduce yourself so we have an idea of who you are and what you create.


Hi readers! My name is Sophie Jacobsen and I’m an artist and mother from North Wales, England. I studied fine art painting at university and started my career off as a painter. I would describe my work as vibrant, where I use all colours of the rainbow, and mix patterns, styles and techniques.

How did you figure out what path to follow?

Recently I have been playing with patterns, repeating them and creating wearable art out of them. I sell my clothing via my Etsy web shop. One day, I saw someone descending out of a festival crowd, wearing my leggings. It was amazing to see someone wear my clothing, and this is when I decided to start putting my art towards affordable, usable products. It gives me great pleasure to see people wearing clothing that I created; and it allows me to spread my love.

You are a mother as well. What’s a typical day or week for you?

Yes, I am a mother of two – I have a three-month-old and a 20-month-old. It’s hard to combine motherhood and art. At the moment, my focus goes out to my children! Bodhi, my nearly two-year-old, loves painting with finger paints and messing around. I always try to find ways to be creative with her and I love putting colourful outfits together for her to wear. I do have a few hours in a week to get arty. Having children has inspired me to create more playful patterns in new colours and to extend my range into children’s clothing.

What keeps driving you forward in your creative journey?

Creativity is such a big part of me that I could not live without it. Drawing a pattern, repeating it and then imagining the results on a cushion, a lampshade or a dress, is a self-perpetuating inspiration. The pattern becomes the product, and that’s inspiring to me.


What inspired your design? 

I created a design that was inspired by the 60’s: a modern, vibrant colour palette, combined with soft and infinite lines, connecting it with subtle butterfly and teardrop shapes. I initially imagined the pattern on a catsuit or a bodysuit when first drawing it out.

Any tips that could help out other creatives? 

Do not divert from your own flow. I look back on old patterns that I have drawn, and I can really see myself and my own theme within them. Self-reflection can be very grounding; and it is amazing to see people enjoy the outcome. I use every colour of the rainbow and I am not afraid to clash colours and patterns. For me, more is more! 

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