6 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before You Hire Them

6 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before You Hire Them

When it comes to interior design, the concept is simple. Create a visually appealing environment by combining the right interior decorations together. But that’s where the simplicity ends. Once you dive into the wide array of décor options, such as colour palettes and texture blends, things get a bit more complex.

Due to this, people often turn to interior designers for assistance. Professional designers are capable of picking out décor options that blend well in a living room interior design. Needless to say, they use this talent to transform their client’s foggy conception into a beautiful reality.

That said, not all interior designers are the same. To determine whom to go with when hiring an interior designer, be sure to ask the following questions.

Is Client Involvement Welcomed?

Initial engagement should start with a description of how you want a room design to feel or the emotion you want it to display. Use this verbal stepping stone to segue into the area’s intended purpose and then any styles you like. Ask the freelance designer to relay that information back to you if they don’t of their own accord.

Following these steps accomplishes three things. The process helps you to get a feel for what you want and the info helps the interior designer to generate a mental room design blueprint. Finally, getting feedback as to what the freelance designer thinks you are asking for will help you determine their hireability.

After this productive consultation, the professional you hire will use the details you outlined to bring your room design idea to life. During this period, you may or may not want to be involved. Make sure this involvement preference matches your interior designer’s.

What Elements Define Their Style?

All interior designers have a style. Elements contributing to this artistic essence range from a designer’s art preferences to their favourite colours. That said, these elements may not match what you are looking for. 

To determine how these personal aspects affect the final product ask your interior designer about the elements that define their style. Don’t worry about being too forward with this question. Most freelance designers are happy to elaborate on the subject.

For example, modern and contemporary interior designers are typically not the same. That said, if a freelance designer states they love modern room designs and you are wanting a contemporary look, they are likely not the interior decorator you are looking for. So, be sure to check out examples of their past work for clarification.


What Design Services Do They Offer?

During the initial sit down, freelance designers will ask you probing questions to determine what type of designer interiors you’re looking for. Beyond that, however, design plans vary widely. Due to this, it is important to know what services are being offered and charged for. To get an idea of what you can expect, let’s compare a virtual freelance interior designer to a local full-service crew. 

Naturally, there is a limit to what can be done over the internet. Which means a virtual designer may not be able to handle room measurements or be there to install everything at the end. That said, in most cases, skipping these steps make it possible for virtual designers to keep their service fees relatively low.

In comparison, local designers can accomplish a lot more simply because they are able to be on site. Where they can do tasks such as:

  • Face-to-face Meetings

  • Room Measurements

  • Before/After Photos

  • Collaborative Shopping

  • Accept Deliveries

  • Installation

  • Support After Install

Bear in mind, the freelance designer you work with may offer more or less than this. Nevertheless, find this information out upfront. Doing so may help ensure you are not overpaying and that your interior designer can provide everything you need. 

Ask Them to Share a Project Mistake They Made

No one is perfect. At some point in an interior designer’s career a client didn’t like their apartment design or house interior. Which is unfortunate, but it does happen. Said incident may be due to miscommunication or some other issue. 

Either way, you should ask for an example and when they respond, try not to judge too harshly. The important takeaway here isn’t necessarily what mistake was made. The major concern is how the interior designer handled the issue. 

Ideally, the freelance designer you are speaking with owns up to a past mistake, explains why it happened, and what was gleaned from the experience. Bonus points if they describe how they ensured the issue never occurred again.

What if I Need to Get In Touch With You?

At some point in the project, you may be overcome with a question about the final product. Or you might simply need to get a long overdue update. Either way, getting in contact with your interior designer is an important issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. 

To accomplish this, ask about the designer-client communication process. Take the time to be crystal clear. Request their email, office and phone number. If they are unable to provide these items, find out how their company’s chain of command works in regards to customer inquiries. 

Remember, unexpected life events occur all the time, good or bad. Being able to let your interior designer know there’s been a change of plans, should they occur, is important for both of you. Do not be shy about this. In addition, set a few dates ahead of time specifically for room design updates. These backup communication plans may ensure that the interior idea you had in mind is on track.

Can You Stay Within Budget?

One of the best ways to assess whether or not an interior designer is worth working with is payment. Specifically, comparing how much they charge with how much you can afford. To accomplish this, let your interior designer know how much you are able to spend. Then ask if they can stay within budget based on the timeline you have in mind. Be blunt about it. 

If the designer you want to work with has great examples of past living room interior design transformations, but is out of your budget, don’t fret. It is better to address this during the consult. Worst case scenario the interior designer suggests someone in your price range, best case scenario they discuss which services can be removed to keep the project within budget.

That said, finding the right interior designer for your room designs may take some time. Fortunately, you are now equipped with the questions you need to make the selection process easier. 


To recap, check the level of involvement required and services offered. Use this to determine how to get in touch with the freelance designer and whether they can stay within budget. If all of their answers mesh well with what you have in mind, get to know them. Find out which elements define their style and ask for a project mistake story. 

Hopefully, they will be forthright with their answers. Be sure to share this with your friends. Odds are someone you know is looking for an interior designer and could use the help.

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