4 Delightful Ways to Celebrate Nature with Your Interior

4 Delightful Ways to Celebrate Nature with Your Interior

Inspiration is all around us. If you have an open mind and are willing to look for it. One of the most overlooked sources is nature. From daisies to river beds, this luscious theme can be implemented into almost any interior design project.

Those hoping to do so, may opt to go with earth tone curtains or draperies where applicable. But to truly do this project justice, much more is required. Let’s take a look at how to design with nature when its beauty inspires you to create.

Earth Tone Materials From a Fabric Warehouse

Floral fabrics are a tried and true symbol of nature. However, there is a better option. Incorporate real plants and make the main focus solid colours. More specifically, a healthy mixture of blue, green, and neutral colours. The idea behind these pairings is to be one with nature.

To accomplish this 2019 interior design trend, aim to create a relaxing, comfortable environment via earth tones. And lots of houseplants. Or those peeking out from a nearby window.

Voile or Sheer Fabrics

When you discover inspiration in a field of daisies, translating the idea into a gorgeous design can be hard. Nevertheless, overcoming this conceptualisation hurdle is as easy as finding the right balance between colours and patterns.

Which can be a fun adventure. With the right mindset.

While exploring multiple upholstery, curtain and drapery fabrics, treat the task as an opportunity to find “the one” you’re looking for. Along the way, be sure to take all soft earth colours into consideration. And yes, yellow counts. As long as the shade is closer to gold than sunlight.

That said, if you find yourself having trouble incorporating this bright colour into your design, opt to go for voile or sheer fabrics.

Design With Nature’s Colour Palette

By the time you review more shades of blue and green than you thought possible, a few are likely to stand out. Take note of them. Having a wide selection to choose from makes it easier to create a perfectly balanced interior design.

Then, to narrow down your selection, look for shades that are not super saturated. Aim for more calm, relaxing shades. Specifically, colours you would never consider to be intense. Next, lay them out beside each other. Keep those that mesh well together. This will make it much easier to find the right upholstery material to pair with the drapery fabric later on.

Pair Earth Tone Curtains With Plants

There is no better way to aptly complement earth tones than by including a bit of live greenery. Both outdoor and indoor plants provide a natural, relaxing texture. Which go well with most interior designs.


That said, there are going to be some projects where you are not able to use a vibrant nature scene to your advantage.

When this occurs, deploy your favourite houseplants. If you’re not familiar with them, go ahead and try a few species out. Most plants are able to provide a luscious shade of green that’s simply not overbearing. Plus, houseplants provide numerous health benefits.

Don’t miss out on a beautiful and healthy opportunity.

Being inspired by nature is a beautiful thing. Finding a way to bring that concept to life can be challenging. To make the process a bit easier, aim for soft earth tones when seeking suitable patterns, colours, and upholstery materials. Pick out a healthy selection of fabric and decor options, then narrow down the collection by identifying what works well together.

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