10 Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow if You Love Geometric Interior Design

10 Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow if You Love Geometric Interior Design

No matter where it’s found, geometric art is oddly satisfying. If used in an interior, the bold shapes and complementary colours tend to be pure eye candy. Or at least, really attention-grabbing. Due to this unique trait, geometric art is used in interior design.

Unfortunately, not all of it looks good. Nevertheless, geometric shapes can be an interior stylist’s best friend. And if that sounds like you, you are in luck! We’ve compiled 8 essential Pinterest boards you need to be following if geometric interior design is your jam. 

Each of the accounts listed below showcase geometric art and fabulous ways to use them. Plus, they stay up-to-date on all the latest interior designs. Which means this year’s biggest geometric art trends are just a few pins away. Let’s dive in.


Furniture, fabric, and tiles, oh my! 

Regardless of where geometric shapes are used in your professional interior design, the bottom line is it has to look good. And that’s what this Pinterest home décor account is all about. A few sample pins they have to include: 

  • Eye-popping furniture that blends perfectly into the environment

  • Cute yet subtle ways to blend in geometric patterns

  • Clever tactics to mix in minimalist pieces

Overall, the home interior design ideas ArchiProducts pinned up are generally classy and even downright fun to look at.

Cult Furniture

If you're seeking an interior design website that desires to make geometric art look good, do not sleep on CultFurniture. This account expands on what sharp shapes have to offer by fixating on super creative interior design ideas. But fair warning when visiting CultFurniture. 

You’ll want to try out each beautifully balanced geometric art pin.

Blinds Direct

Ready to see geometric style soft furnishings at it's finest? Blinds Direct has you covered. They collect upbeat interior design ideas on Pinterest. To be more specific, typically they favour images of soft furnishings with geometric patterns. 

These pins capture the delicate side of sharp shapes in a somewhat romantic way. Matter of fact, it's almost as though whoever chooses the pins knows the subject intimately.

Design Soda Blog

Study interior design long enough and chances are you'll come across Bauhaus. The pro-active term refers to the task of combining crafts and fine arts, which is a great concept to try out if you require some fresh home interior design ideas. 

That said, DesignSodaBlog explores the Bauhaus concept via geometric patterns. They also have some interesting DIY projects and novel interior design ideas on Pinterest.

The Gifted Few

As the name implies, this Pinterest home décor account focuses on trends professional interior designers are making. To elaborate, they have a habit of collecting pins heavily focused on a modernized version of geometric interior design, such as the following.

  • Pillow casings featuring both human-made and natural geometric art images

  • Ways to highlight old wooden floors with bold shapes

  • Sophisticated geometric tile pattern ideas

  • Fancy furniture equipped with geometric soft furnishings

Of the 50, and counting, pins displayed on the interior design website, this is our favourite.

Scandinavian Interior

Thus far, we’ve looked at accounts that mainly showcase 2D geometric art. Which means if you’re into 3D interior design concepts, we’re 0 for 5. Let’s change that, shall we?

Scandinavian Interior has a Pinterest account dedicated to 3D geometric décor. They love home interior design ideas that align with the geometric trend. And most of them show you how to tinker with geometric art without having going to go all in.

Mohawk Home

Interior stylists know geometric art can enhance or destroy an otherwise perfect environment. Which is why reviewing interior design ideas on Pinterest is such a brilliant concept. It can help you avoid making disastrous decisions. 

For example, have you ever seen rainbow raindrops used effectively? If not, check this out.

Creative and pretty oddities, such as using rainbow raindrops effectively, are what make Mohawk Home stand out. Their pins revolve around sharp, edgy, or curvy geometric art.

More Fabrics

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Check out More Fabrics. Their Pinterest home décor account is an absolute delight. Each chosen pin has mesmerizing imagery. More Fabrics also knows how to show off geometric shapes’ true potential in a splendid fashion.

And if that's not enough to pique your interest, guess what? They think outside the design box when it comes to Pinterest. They pin loads of pieces that are likely to inspire you on a creative level. Plus, they even include fabulous fashion pieces from time to time. 

Gewoon Marieke

Taking a more hands-on approach, Gewoon Marieke collects fun and somewhat involved pins. Which means if you need a few activities the whole family can get in on, this account may help you out. 

For example, here are a few DIY project highlights from the Gewoon Marieke account.

  • Doors embellished with tape geometric art

  • Functional and modern 3D interior decorations

  • Fancy geometric light fixtures

  • Using the minimalistic style to enhance sharp shapes

  • Aesthetically pleasing geometric shelves

  • Wallpaper comprised of bold shapes made with tape

Porch Daydreamer

If you do not have the time to study interior design, odds are you can learn from the best. And the fastest way to accomplish this is by learning directly from a professional interior designer. The next best option is to saturate your brain with a plethora of interior design ideas.

And that brings us to Porch Daydreamer. This Pinterest home design account has a massive collection of over 100 pins. Each pin is distinctly different from the one before and many of them have the power to invoke an ooh or aah.

That said, professional interior designers know geometric art as a fabulous trend in interior design. The concept of using shapes as a focal point is featured on many interior design websites. So it should come as no surprise to learn there are many geometric art designs out there.

Unfortunately, not all of them are good. 

Which is why we compiled this handy list of Pinterest home design accounts that are worth your time. Be sure to review the wide array of styles and embrace the lavish possibilities. But don’t forget to share these concepts with your friends! Odds are they’ll love the brilliant insights into this year’s geometric art trend.

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